Blood, sweat, and cheers


Blood, Sweat, and Cheers is a brand new comedy about competitive cheerleading premiering in Austin, Texas at the end of May, 2013. Our production is unique for several reasons: 

1) It features a script written by Amy Gentry and Kaci Beeler based off work with the local improvisers and actors in the cast. 

 2) It is the first show of its kind to involve an entire competitive cheer routine within and throughout the play, featuring many athletes from Austin Cheer Factory, Austin's most elite cheerleading program.

3) It is directed by Roy Janik, creator of the award-winning Austin Secrets improv show and Artistic Director of The Hideout Theatre in Downtown Austin. 

 4) The five lead actresses (Kaci Beeler, Karen Jane DeWitt, Halyn Erickson, Kayla Lane Freeman, Courtney Hopkin) in the production have been training since September of 2012 to be able to complete the athletic feats necessary for the routine. Read more about their journey here: 

5) Our production has a stellar cast of local actors, improvisers, and comedians including Curtis Luciani and Courtney Hopkin of Your Terrific Neighbors, Jessica Arjet and Paul Normandin of In Our Prime, and Alex Dobrenko of The Escorts andAlex&Ash


Why should you see Our show?